A line up of activities

National Periscope Discourse

The goal of the discourse is to evaluate the state of the nation, dissecting her peculiar challenges and barriers to sustainable development, with a view at generating actionable insights and strategies for harnessing her enormous potential. The vital submissions of the discourse will be published on the event’s website, all major online news platforms and national dailies as a resource available to leaders, both in public and private sectors. It is our desire to springboard discussions hard enough to cause policy makers to cue their mind behind futurist economic activities and not snag them.

  • Session 2

    Innovation-Driven Policy Making in the Digital Age

The Award Dinner

An inspiring night of story telling (5pm - 10pm)

TheFLEA Awards is an initiative to focus the essence of leadership on the paradigm of long-term sustainable impact on the society. Planned to be an annual exclusive gathering of select public and private sector leaders who are providing such visionary leadership, both in discourse and practice (online and offline), the awards night will be more of a story-telling night, presenting well-researched insights on the activities of the awardees, with informed projections of their impacts on our society within the next decade. These individuals will receive a symbolic gift to remind them of what our collective futures hold because of what they do.