About the Event

Refocusing on sustainable development

About The Freelanews Leadership and Entrepreneurship Awards (TheFLEA)

TheFLEA Awards is an initiative to focus the essence of leadership on the paradigm of long-term sustainable impact on the society. Planned to be an annual exclusive gathering of select public and private sector leaders who are providing such visionary leadership, both in discourse and practice (online and offline), the awards night will be more of a story-telling night, presenting well-researched insights on the activities of the awardees, with informed projections of their impacts on our society within the next decade. These individuals will receive a symbolic gift to remind them of what our collective futures hold because of what they do.


What is the need for TheFLEA Awards?

Despite the abundance of human and material resources, it is sad that there is no wholly-owned Nigerian business or brand that has lived beyond the 50-year mark! Like the public sector’s, most private sector leaders are towing the immediate gratification path, running their enterprises on the premise of self-actualization and instant returns to those in their immediate circle.

Whereas other nations of the world thrive on the grit of her people in providing solutions that impact on their collective existence, comfort and prosperity, and for the long-term, the African society is burgled down with shallow, dis-jointed and greed-motivated ambitions that hardly cross the five-year mark.

Hence, TheFLEA Awards (TFA) was conceived as a platform for engendering a focus on the paradigm of long-term sustainable impact on the society in the visioning and management of public and private sector groups, organisations and bodies.

TFA selection is powered by a large think-tank of future-focused individuals who are major players in diverse industries spanning key economic sectors and social constructs of the nation. These individuals are well informed people, with strong affinity for mass media, and as such are current on local, national and international political, business and social matters.

Unlike other leadership awards that are based on elections, TheFLEA Awards adopts the plurarist methodology in its selection process to address the poor and/or manipulatable popular opinion snags of the nomination-election model. The categories were carefully created to enlist the critical pillars of sustainable development, which are Human Capital Development, Environmental Sustainability, Innovation, Gender-Balance and Shared Value Creation.

The vision of TheFLEA Awards is to reduce the award itself to a symbol of remembrance of what our collective future holds if recipients persist in their good works.


What are our expectations?

TheFLEA Awards seeks to focus the essence of leadership on the paradigm of long-term sustainable impact on the society.

It is our objective to tell the stories of the activities of organisations, brands and individuals in a way that presents an insight into their impact for the next decade, if sustained.

We expect to generate robust discourses on future-forward ideas and leadership styles that will be touching on the lives of the entire society for next 100 years.